Dual Delights Red & White Wines Mixed 75cl x 6 Bottles

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This pack consists of :

  • 2 x Stoney Vale Colombard Chardonnay White : A refreshing Chardonnay that is full of lively citrus fruit characteristics and crisp, fresh acidity. Stoney Vale is the block out the back of vineyard where a creek used to grow. The 'old timers' reckon that some of the best grapes come from where as the vines have to struggle just a little bit more. It's also where the vineyard workers take their breaks under the shade of a tall gum tree and in the heat of the day there is not much movement except the odd lizard scuttling across the rocks. They call this wine Stoney Vale in recognition of this special place.
  • 1 x McGuigan Classic Merlot Red : Delightful ripe plumand blackcurrants flavors are features of smooth and generous Merlot.Its best served at room temperature and is wonderfully versatile wine providing a great match to hearty beef stews and lentil soup
  • 1 x BATILO SELECCIÓN Cabernet Sauvignon : Young red wine from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, cherry colored with clean aromas and a frank interest in red fruits with a predominance of raspberries. The smooth, fresh taste is balanced with a broad aftertaste.
  • 1 x BATILO SELECCIÓN Merlot Red : The best grapes of the Merlot variety were selected to make this wine with great character, a strong red colour and an intense flavour of wild fruits.
  • 1 x Willowglen Pinot Grigio : Peach and Pear, along with the aromas of lychee. Fresh & smooth mouth feel thanks to the Balanced acidity.

Vintage : Mixed