Sip & Savor Red Wine Mixed 75cl x 12 Bottles

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This pack consists of 3 Bottles each of 

  • BATILO SELECCIÓN Syrah Red : Shiraz was one of the original varieties brought into Spain and quickly established itself as one of the most iconic and renowned grapes. This shiraz has an intense ruby red colour. It is well structured, potent and elegant and has a smooth finish.
  • BATILO SELECCIÓN Cabernet Sauvignon : Young red wine from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, cherry colored with clean aromas and a frank interest in red fruits with a predominance of raspberries. The smooth, fresh taste is balanced with a broad aftertaste.
  • Hacienda del Sacramento Pinot Noir Rose Wine :  It is a young,fresh and fruity wine with a firm body and a refreshing flavor with a smooth and fluid finish, with flavors that are appreciated very well in the mouth. The flavors that are perceived are fruity such as dark red cherries and red rosellas along with notes of berries.
  • BATILO SELECCIÓN MerlotThe best grapes of the Merlot variety were selected to make this wine with great character, a strong red colour and an intense flavour of wild fruits.

 Vintage : Mixed