Stowells South African Colombard Chardonnay NV White Wine 75cl x 6 Bottles

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In 1878, when Frederick Stowells established his wine merchants, he made a promise to his customers to bring them wines with quality they could depend on. Over 130 years later we are proud to continue histraditions with experts who search the globe to uncover delicious, fruit-filled winesmade for enjoyment - bringing a little discovery in every bottle.


Stowells Colombard Chardonnay is a light and refreshing white wine with a pale straw color and a hint of green. It offers a straightforward and pleasant flavor profile with dominant notes of guava and tropical fruits. The aroma is characterized by fresh green apple and grapefruit, complemented by subtle hints of guava and lemon.

The wine benefits from dry vineyard conditions, resulting in healthy grapes and small berries that enhance the concentration of flavors in the wine.

Vintage: NV

Variety: Colombard Chardonnay 

Region: South Africa

Alcohol content: 12.50%

Food Pairing: Great to enjoy on its own or with chicken dishes, salads and pastas.