Hacienda del Sacramento Tannat - Merlot Red Premium Wine 75cl x 6 Bottles

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We are a Sustainable Winery located in Uruguay.We create fine quality wines with the
distinguished and characteristic taste of Colonia Terroir.We are an internationally recognized winery, we have commercial offices in Europe,Italy.Our wines have been distinguished by the best specialists in The Wine Industry.Under the slogan “The Wine of Uruguay” ,We export wines abroad since 2015 to Mexico, United States and United Kingdom.


Bright red in color, with an intense and complex flavor, with hints of red fruits and herbs.Soft and delicate tannins are present in this wine that add some complexity.It is a persistent, elegant and harmonious wine with velvety tannins.

Vintage: 2016

Variety: Merlot

Region: Colonia,Uruguay

Alcohol content: 14%

Food Pairing: An authentic flavor that makes it ideal to accompany dishes based on red meats and cheeses. Its delicate and soft tannins are present in this wine that gives it a certain complexity.