Bruichladdich - Dun Bheagan Single Malt - 1991 25 year old

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Sourced from just two Ex-American Hogshead casks and only yielding 514 bottles and distilled back in 1991 long before its last two owners and aged for 25 long years.Nose: Salted green banana, lemon rind, new leather, kiwi, gooseberry, dill pickled cucumber, fennel and some creamy vanillin oak.Palate: Salted lime and chocolate cheesecake, grape and barley in tight unison, green rhubarb, anjelica, sour sweets (American hard gums?)Finish: Aniseed, lime curd, salted and vegetal notes (Green tomatoes) herbal, white pepper, sooty and coastal vanilla.A salty, coastal zingy lime delight of a laddie wi