Kooyong Beurrot Pinot Gris 2021 6x75cl

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The first impression is an inviting aroma of honeysuckle blossom, followed by toast and honey When you take a sip, you immediately notice the beautifully round and generous texture with juicy melon and peach fruit character Then come delicate, creamy oak and complex nuances of flowers and spices All the flavours are kept fresh, precise and balanced by beautifully crisp acidity so it is rich but never heavy Marvellous! If you ever have the chance to taste a white Burgundy made from Pinot Beurrot (not very likely, as they're extremely rare), it will have been made from Pinot Gris Kooyong's Pinot Gris is named after this endangered species, and is very similar in style This is irresistibly delicious now, but if you have superhuman self-control, it will drink well for at least another 2-3 years